2009年08月29日 美国
115 min

Toss narrates the tale of a group of friends who on their way back from vacation luckily find a big booty. They decide to divide the amount equally amongst themselves and go their own ways. But fate as another plans! This free booty turns out to be a nightmare in disguise for each single one. Now not just the real owners of the money but even the police are behind them. Worse, they start having tussles amongst themselves too over it. Finally the only point that is realized money not only makes the world go round but also is the root cause of all evil.

Nice concept to read on paper but ask about the execution and juice in the screenplay to keep your attention focused. Well it’s a downer on all counts. Completely unbelievable screenplay from the word go and unnecessary camera juggling throughout the film increases your already spinning head! Music is of the fast forward variety. Direction by debutante Ramesh Khatkar relies more on technical gimmickry than narrating an interesting story.

Its good to take young actors who are less exposed on screen but why make each one of them show dollops of attitude at the drop of a hat? Also none of the actors – Ashmit, Prashant Raj or the gals can be termed actors, they are basically non-actors and worst amongst is the popular MTV VJ Ranvijay. Luckily he gets bumped before the interval and you are saved of the torture to endure him throughout the film! He should stick to his VJing we hope! Vijay Raaz, Mahesh Manjrekar and Sushant Singh make the film somewhat bearable as they are the only ones who seem to be taking it all seriously.

Toss is a waste of time..just avoid!

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